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​​​​​​Brief history :   

The Student Affairs Division is linked to the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs in the College of Science. The Student Affairs Division is one of the important administrative divisions in the College of Science, rather it is the basis for building the college and this is due to its importance in terms of the duties assigned. The Division of Student Affairs including:

  • Student Registration.
  • Checking the academic documents of all students admitted to the college.
  • Providing students with support for continuing studies to the various departments.
  • Electronic documentation of student information. 
  • Coordination and organization of students' files according to the school stage.
  • Student Affairs is the only authority authorized to announce student affairs for the examination schedule, the weekly lesson schedule and the results of students ’objections.
  • Exams and any other matters pertaining to students. 
  • Follow up on the affairs of the hosted students.
  • Follow up on the affairs of displaced students.
  • Student Affairs is the authority responsible for transferring students between universities.
  • Following up on the students ’clearance on an annual basis.
  • Distribution of test results for all stages.
  • Answer all received books related to student affairs.
  • Follow up on books issued for regular and confidential student affairs.
  • Follow up on students' absences.
  • Providing students with medical clinics to the University Medical Center.
  • Promote student scholarship transactions.
  • Inquiry about students ’conditions in the internal departments.
  • Providing the examination committee and the scientific branches with student lists in a centralized manner for all academic levels.
  • Providing graduate students with graduation documents.
  • Checking the authenticity of the issuances and graduation documents.

The Student Affairs Division includes the  following:

  • Director of Student Affairs
  • Registration Unit 
  • Student Files Unit
  • Medical Clinics and Confirmations Unit
  • Documentation Unit
  • Sporadic