The Department of Physics was established in 1964 in the College of Science / Al-Tanuma, where the teaching staff at that time consisted of five teaching staff with doctorate degrees and a number of administrative staff. The number of the teaching staff in 1987 was about (28) teachers (12 PhD holders / 16 MA holders). A master's study was opened in the department in 1978, while a doctoral study was opened in 1993. The teaching staff at the present time has reached (68) teachers





The aim

Qualifying specialized graduates who are familiar with the theoretical and applied foundations and who are able to absorb and deal with modern technologies and contribute to the field of applied physics required by the future work. The Department of physics also aspires to achieve the following:

  1. Preparing human cadres capable of dealing with academic scientific research methods and its applications
  2. Contribute to meeting the country's needs of specialists in physics and its applications
  3. Reaching the student to the level that qualifies for postgraduate studies in order to pursue research and development in physics
  4. Transfer and localization of scientific expertise in the Iraqi environment in a way that contributes to the development of national education
  5. The Department of physics spends a special attention to pure and applied studies to qualify students theoretically and practically so that they can continue their studies on the one hand and play a distinguished role in research and development and work in scientific and industrial facilities.
  6. The arrival of an efficient student of graduates to be suitable for the labor market
  7. Providing rare specialized devices for the development of scientific research
  8. Creating new specializations that are qualified to meet the needs of the market