About the mathematics department

A brief history of the Department of Mathematics
The Department of Mathematics is one of the scientific departments of the College of Science. It was established at the beginning of the 1964 academic year to be of assistance to other mathematics departments in the country in preparing graduates to feed secondary education facilities, industrial sector institutions, and scientific research institutions. The department, since its inception, has been in continuous development, and the department’s objectives are determined by the state’s policy and the requirements of the development and awareness plan to build the staff and scientific expertise with the respect to continuous scientific progress. After the opening of the department, the number of teaching staff increased, as there are currently (66) male and female teachers in various specializations and academic degrees, as well as the number of admitted students increasing year after year.


The vision of the department

    The Department of Mathematics works for excellence in establishing an educational environment characterized by the quality of application, scientific research, and teaching methods using advanced training techniques to produce successful direct, blended, and electronic learning, ensuring the upgrading of the department’s graduates. According to this vision, the Department of Mathematics will seek to provide an ideal environment in which students and college members in the department cooperate to serve our beloved Iraq.


The department Message

The department seeks to graduate batches of students capable of engaging in the labor market, providing supportive ideas and contributing to solving real problems facing society and various institutions alike, and capable of scientific and intellectual support, electronic work, keeping pace with technological development and overcoming obstacles and emergency conditions. The department aspires to prepare scientific studies according to substantial bases for the development of economic, research, and community statistical studies.


The Department goals
The Department of Mathematics contributes to achieving the following objectives:
1-  Preparing staff with scientific and pedagogical competencies qualified to work in education and other state institutions.
2-  Graduating qualified students to complete their higher studies (Masters and Ph.D.) inside and outside Iraq.
3-  Supporting the student's ability to link the theoretical scientific aspect with practical application.
4- Continuous intellectual enlightenment for the latest developments in knowledge and information technology in all aspects of mathematics.
5-  Keeping abreast of scientific progress in mathematics and its applications and its relationship to society and its various industrial and production institutions.
6-  Develop students' mental and mathematical abilities so that they keep pace with the paths and levels of technical and scientific development in the world.
7- Develop the electronic side of students in terms of identifying and working on educational platforms and technologies to enhance the educational process.