Undergraduate programs

Bachelor degree in Science

The College of Science- University of Basrah is adapting an undergraduate study programme awarding Bachelor degree in Science. The study period of this programme is four years during which the students will gain all the knowledge and skills to work as professional different Science departments, Mathematics, Physics, etc. in industry and academia. During the study programme, the students will study topics related to the department os sciences including Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geology, Ecology and Pathological Analysis.

Regulation for study process

  1. Study in the college is 4 years at least
  2. Study courses is 2/3 courses per study level (year), the total study course to complete till graduation is 8/12
  3. Total study units  required  for graduation is 140 units
  4. Evaluation system for the student’s activity for study subjects using mark scale of 100 points.
  5. The minor degree of success or pass is 50% per subject.

The graduation grade (cumulative Grade) of the student will be calculated:

By sum the calculated ratios (cumulative Grade) from final grade for the study level (year) and  as follows:

1st year  10%.

2nd year 20%.

3rd year  30%.

4th year 40 %

The student's relationship with the college or institute ends in one of the following two cases:

If he fails two consecutive years in his class.

If the student exceeds the prescribed period of study in his or her specialization and provides for such period, including years of repetition,

The years of postponement and non-failure are not counted as such.

A student may defer his or her studies for one year for legitimate reasons to which the Board of the College or the Institute is satisfied that he or she must submit an application for deferral at least 30 days before the commencement of the final examination.

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