About the Biology Department 

Brief History

Department of Biology is one of the departments at the College of Science. Department of Biology conducts research across the disciplines of Biosciences branches and fields of natural sciences of organisms including human, plants, animals, and microorganisms. We are actively involved in the interdisciplinary research led by the pure sciences and applied research. It is also concerned with all aspects of the life of the living organism, its composition and structure, development, functions, physiology, and activities, which resulted in the establishment of an integrated industry and growing results appeared in various fields of research such as medicine, agriculture, animal, and human nutrition. Biological science has moved forward through using advanced tools and ideas to treat diseases and improve the environment.



Developing the educational, learning, and academic levels of the Department of Biology at different levels of undergraduates and postgraduates to provide the community with skilled and professional educated individuals that can work many areas such as hospitals, private companies, medical, and research laboratories. In addition, we are looking for establishing new research centres that can support our professional academic staff and research to fill-full the market requirements and serving the community and field of research such as botany, zoology, immunology, microbiology, and ecology.



Academic, professional, and qualified staff can perform their job duties in the process, development, and construction by working in many fields of the country in both public and private institutions. For example, the Ministry of Health, public and private hospital laboratories, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research, Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Environment. Also, holding seminars and workshops, in addition to opening the door for cooperation with universities and various institutions.


  1. Enforce and enhance the academic reputation of department.
  2. Developing scientific research laboratories for biological sciences branches including medical microbiology, immunology and molecular biology.
  3. Evening studies are welcome.
  4. Developing education skills of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  5. Getting advantages of academic staff who got their PhD from abroad.