About the Department of Ecology


About the Department of Ecology

The Department of Environment was established at the Faculty of Science - University of Basra in 2012. As a result of the presence of many environmental problems in Basra Governorate, the main objective of establishing the department is to prepare young researchers with sufficient scientific background in dealing with natural resources and their environmental problems and solving environmental problems related to these resources. The solution is not limited to These problems affect the province of Basra, but extends to other Iraqi provinces.


Department vision

The Ecology Department plans to be one of the Arab nation and global scale in theoretical and applied environmental science, community service, and the labor market. The department actively seeks to apply international quality standards and guide quality and academic accreditation issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Department Message   

Ecology Department seeks to provide the best services to the community in environmental science by graduating the best-specialized cadres in the science of the environment. Training, development courses making plans and programs to create requirements to be departments' outputs of students at a high scientific and technical level, seminars, workshops, and periodic conferences. The department aspires to opportunities and cooperation with scientific research institutions both inside and outside Iraq.



  1. Qualify specialists and graduate students familiar with the environmental field's fundamentals and applications 
  2. Create environmental awareness to develop, improve the living and the enjoyment of a better life.
  3. Doing field surveys and solving environmental problems facing the development of public and private sectors.
  4. Preparation of qualified staff in the future to engage in postgraduate education and scientific research.