A scientific study at the College of Science examines diatomaceous algae in FAO

A scientific study prepared by Dr. Maitham Abdullah Ghali in partnership with Ms. Rehab Nasser Younes in the Department of Ecology at the College of Science at Basra University, Dr. Adel Al-Handal and Dr. Angela Wolf from the Swedish University of Gothenburg examined the registration of a new type of diatomaceous algae globally in Al-Faw in southern Iraq.

And the study, which was published in the journal "Phytotaxa", classified within Scopus containers Q3 showed that the new species was called "Fallacia fawensis" of small diatoms.

The results of the study found a new type of small-sized diatoms that grows on the muddy sediments in the Shatt al-Arab, and this type was found to grow attached to the muddy sediments of brackish water.