University of Basra-College of Science-Department of Physics imports an English telescope for observing stars

Under the guidance of the respected President of the University, Dr. Saad Shaheen, and the support of the respected Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Dr. Jalal Jabbar Hassan, and in an important scientific step, the Department of Physics imported an English-made telescope to monitor the stars.
The head of the department, Dr. Wael Abdel-Latif, said that the acquisition of this device is the first step in establishing the facility
The astronomical observatory in the department to keep up with this important field of science and about the specifications of the device
Addition of a professor of astronomy in the department and a member of the International Federation for Astronomy Education in Iraq
Dr. Doha Mahmoud Mansour, it is an advanced device that contains a program to map the stars in the solar system
It can monitor any star by astronomical GPS, and the device is an important quality addition to the study and observation of stars.