About the department
The Department of Life Sciences is one of the departments of the College of Science, which represents a fertile field for the investigation of knowledge as it is one of the branches of the natural sciences and which is concerned with all its branches and branches to study all the distinctive characteristics of living organisms that qualify them to occupy a distinct position from non-living systems based on field and laboratory data and try to explain all Explainable anomalies.
It is concerned with all aspects of an organism's life: its structure, development, functions and activities, which resulted in an integrated and growing industry whose results have emerged in various fields in medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry and human nutrition. The science of life today has witnessed bold and unprecedented ideas in many fields of molecular biology as well as in genetics, cell biology, biological diversity, and others. The picture that life science today painted was bright and honorable and in all its different branches through the techniques that I use in treating diseases and improving the environment. .
Our vision
Developing the level of education at the primary and higher levels, keeping up with everything new and modern, preparing and qualifying the educational and academic levels of the department to work in various state institutions and benefit from them in all fields and achieve comprehensive scientific progress that serves the community and pushes it forward, and seeks to open higher studies in addition to establishing scientific and research laboratories The department should be an approved center for education and research, and a pioneer in all areas of life sciences (animal, plant, microbiology, environment), and to be distinguished in education, scientific research and community service.
Department message
Preparing scientifically qualified cadres capable of performing their job duty in the march, development and construction by working in many fields of the state's sectors and its public and private institutions, most notably: the Ministry of Health, public and private hospital laboratories, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, Education, Education and Quality Control and other areas of the labor market . And graduating professional cadres congenitally and scientifically distinguished in the field of teaching, increasing the efficiency of faculty members while providing modern technologies, holding training courses, missions and seminars, and opening the door for cooperation with universities and various institutions. And the development and transfer of knowledge and technology in all areas of life sciences and the provision of knowledge resources and possibilities for research and training to develop the output of the department and community service.
Department head word
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and may peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad bin Abdullah and upon the pure and pure family of his household and his chosen companions. The Department of Life Sciences is considered one of the ancient departments in the life of the College of Sciences as it is considered one of the first departments that were established with the establishment of the College in 1964, and since that time the department has been trying to reverse The bright image of this department from the scientific and social point of view, through the endeavor to develop many things, on top of which are the scientific curricula, whether for primary and higher studies, and thus the department produces qualified graduates who play an important role in building this dear country, as well as the department seeks to appear in good looks through its organization In all things and through its cleanliness, and this is what we strive to achieve through the volunteer campaigns that some professors carry out with the head of the department, may God reward them all the best, and in conclusion. I wish our students a full academic year of excellence, and to my fellow professors all good and peace